If you give a mom the afternoon off…

If you’ve ever read the children’s story, “If You Give A Mouse a Cookie,” then my afternoon will sort of make sense to you:

If you give a mom an afternoon free of activities, then she will find something to do with her time. If she has nothing to do, she will want to find something to clean. If she finds something to clean, she will need to pick a cleaner. The cleaner she chooses is concentrated so she’ll have to get an empty bottle out of the laundry room to mix it in. If she gets in the laundry room, she’ll see all of the beach bags hanging on the wall and decide that she doesn’t need any of them. She will throw them in a pile to get rid of. She will also find a rag which reminds her that she’s cleaning. She will mix her Tough and Tender in the empty bottle, grab the rag and clean the baseboards. Cleaning the baseboards will lead her to cleaning the walls (from top to bottom). While cleaning the walls, she will remember that she wants to sand and paint the door frame. She will search for the paint and then the paintbrush. As she shakes the paint, she notices the bathroom (which is attached to the kitchen). This will remind her that she wants new bathroom rugs. She will pick up her phone and search bathroom rugs. She will end up on Target’s website, searching for rugs when a shower curtain pops up. She will put a new shower curtain in her cart. This will remind her that she wants a new shelf for her bath towels, oh yes – AND new towels. She will continue adding things to her cart until she has a plan to redo the whole bathroom. She will head to Pinterest and look for inspirational ideas. She will screenshot photos and text them to her husband. He is still at work, so she will decide to wait to order anything new. Now, it’s almost bedtime and mommy has filled all of her free time. She will lay in bed tonight and continue to think of redoing the bathroom. Which will obviously lead her to thinking about redoing all of the floors…

© 2019 Lauren Johnson; http://livingthroughherlegacy.com

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My name is Lauren Johnson. I’m a momma of four (two littles, two bigs); a wife to the most amazing man in the world - my legit soulmate; a daughter to an incredible woman who fought a brave and devastating fight against a Glioblastoma brain tumor that took her life, and a father who fought vigilantly in the Vietnam War to protect our freedoms; and a friend to so many wonderful people that I love so very much. I have my dream job working with preschoolers, while enjoying summers off with my babes. I love life in general, but more specifically art, children, outdoors, flowers, birds, laughing, reading, learning, adventure and travel.

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